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Beach Restaurant

A sensory food experience

Welcome to Galamaris

restaurant in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, located on the picturesque beach of Marina di Praia in Praiano.

The beach is nestled among the jagged rocks of the coastline. The sound of waves crashing on the shore creates a relaxing and romantic atmosphere overlooking the crystal clear sea.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated in Mediterranean style, with warm and welcoming tones. The real attraction is the outdoor terrace that directly overlooks the beach and the sea. Here, our customers can enjoy their dinner while admiring the sunset over the water or glimpses of the moon.


The kitchen

of the restaurant focuses on fresh and local seafood dishes, prepared with high quality ingredients and innovative cooking techniques.

An excerpt from ours

Tagliatelle di seppia e piselli

Polpo arrosto con spuma di patata

Spaghettone PoP

Ndundero a Mare

Calamaro come un fungo

Pesce Bianco con ciambotta 4.0

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Our Chef

I inherited not only the name from my maternal grandfather, but also the passion for cooking, since I was young I had a great passion for bread-making.

My cuisine is a cuisine that goes in search of flavours, In simplicity but with technique and creativity, it is a cuisine that aims to stimulate the senses, tries to bring emotions to the palate and perfumes that remain imprinted in the mind.

I have a culinary vision focused on flavour, rooted in the tradition and technique of Mediterranean cuisine, which fully represents my homeland. Attracted by oriental cuisine, I adopted some concepts, such as the cold cooking method, marinating and the use of spices instead of salt. For this reason I try to revive my emotions in my dishes.


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